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    Gday David
    sorry for the late contact, I’m finding this site very difficult to navigate, far too complicated. Seems most of the old people may have disappeared. I’m in melbourne with a factory (dealer?) fitted aircon 2500S. Does yours have a Mechanical davies craig style thermostat fitted as a form of climate control??
    My wiring was a complete…[Read more]

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    for some reason all my replies are bouncing. I hope this goes through.

    Mr Moderator can you please advise  via my email?



  • Rod replied to the topic What distributor? in the forum Vehicle Help 2 years, 7 months ago

    Hi Rob


    I happen to have a spare 45D4 dissy in serviceable condition (only changed it on spec) I have tried to attach a photo but this site is really unfriendly and I don’t know how to open the attachment to check it. I’m in Melbourne your welcome to call in to inspect.



  • further to last post, this is not a throttle body conversion, best to use a PI injector manifold.

  • two there are always(Yoda) OK there may be three of us. I know a bloke here in melbourne who can supply all the hardware including injectors. The ECU comes from a very common VN Holden Commodore and is simply remapped. Been done to a TR6 (I think. my details are all second hand) anyway supposedly comes in under $2000 (AUD) anyway am contemplating…[Read more]

  • Hi Lads
    The book (haynes) says don’t try this at home. Whatever, does anyone have any clues as to a simple adjustment to remove a small amount of play, maybe 3 degrees at the steering wheel. play is in the rack. Or don’t bother as this is probably as good as it gets?

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