Steering wheel boss schematics for Dolomite, 2000, 2500, Stag

Drawn up by Glen Johnson to prepare for some customisation (redrilling) of alternate steering wheels. triumph stag dolomite 2500 steering-wheel-schematics

Koni red adjustment notes

Spax Adjustable instructions

Power Steering Rack rebuild instructions

Triumph 2000, 2500 and Stag Power steering rack rebuild instructions from the Blue manual. triumph-power-steering-rack-rebuild-instructions

Stag Manuals

Stag Manual Triumph Stag 2997cc V8 Engine Service Training Notes

Water Injection

Water Injection Written by  Robert Mann preprint, J.Sports Car Club of NZ                   Mulgoon Professor emeritus, of Environmental studies. University of Aukland. PO Box 28878, Remura. Aukland, New Zealand. 1005 A superb octane-improver and ancillary coolant is that oldie but goodie water injection: humidifying the combustion air. Contrary to what would be expected from the fact that water vapour is a […]

Triumph Advertisements

Over the years I’ve collected a few different Triumph Advertisements and promotional images.  


Advertising Material Dolomite Sprint Ad Find out how much slower your car is than the Dolomite Sprint. Triumph Dolomite advertisement Author : British Leyland Publisher : British Leyland Published : 1980 ISBN :   Follow up Dolomite Sprint Ad Find out how much slower your car still is than the Dolomite Sprint. Author : British Leyland Publisher : British Leyland […]


Title : Triple 40 DCOE for the TR6 Author : // Title : Weber DCOE Carburettors Author : Dave Andrews A good deal of mystique surrounds Webers, specifically Weber jetting and tuning. However Weber DCO series carbs are not as complicated as you might imagine, and whereas there is no substitute for a good rolling road session to tune […]

Asbestos risk

Triumph Enthusiasts Should be Aware of Asbestos Risk Supplied by Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center When people mention asbestos, we often think of a hazard of many years ago that we no longer need to be concerned with. However, even as most asbestos products were banned in the late 1970’s by the Environmental Protection Agency and Consumer Product Safety Commission, […]


Borgwarner 35 (BW35) automatic transmission manual borg warner bw35 manual A Type Overdrive Manual Author : Unknown Service Instruction Manual for the Laycock – De – Normanville overdrive unit with Electrical Control. a type overdrive manual Sprint / Stag / TR3-6 / 2000 / 2500 gearbox transmission Author : Mark Larmour (SPRINTPARTS) The standard Dolomite Sprint / Stag / TR3,4,5,6 […]

SU Carbs

What type of oil should be used? Author : Too often people use light duty (sewing machine or general purpose) oil in the dash pot assembly. This type of oil does little if anything to impede the upward movement of the piston as the throttle opens. Engine oil can be too viscous (depending on climate). After 2 hours of driving […]

Rover V8s

ECU Troubleshooting Author : Copied from a website ecu troubleshooting 84 onwards EFI diagram Author : Open the full file below for a big version Lightweight V8 Author : ..from a book titled Hot Rodding Buick Development of the lightweight aluminum V8 engine was a joint venture by engineers from Buick and Oldsmobile, working under the auspices of their parent, […]


Dolomite Prop Shaft Author : Propeller Shaft Centre bearing housing installation guide for Dolomite 1850 and Sprint, manual and automatic. dolomite propshaft

Lucas PI Tuning and Calibration

Lucas Service Training Centre Petrol Injection Mk II Book Lucas PI Conversion Notes Author : Tony Gordon Tony Gordon's personal conversion notes. What No One Told You About Lucas PI Author : Copied from a website There are a number of documents listing "how-to" convert a carbureted TR6 to PI. However, I haven't seen anyone document the problems associated with [...]


Dolomite Sprint Induction Author : Mark Larmour (SPRINTPARTS) All new cars these days have a cold air induction system, nearly 30 years ago when Dolomite Sprints were new, they also used this idea. The original Sprint air cleaner assembly has 2 inlet tubes on the front, which should be connected, via flexible hose, to a bracket mounted beside the radiator. […]


Distributor Rebuilding Author : Robert Sarama Complete TR6 Distributor Restoration and Repair – all units disassembled and meticulously cleaned. Housings glass bead blasted and polished. Oilight bushing(s) individually turned and replaced. Shaft and action plate assembly aligned and balanced. Springs, seals, screws and tack lead replaced. Vacuum unit(s) tested and repaired. All units dynamically tested on a Sun Distributor tester […]


6cyl temp gauge calibration Author : Copied from a website tr6 temperature gauge calibrationbration   Gauge Repair Author : Scott Suhring Here is a tech tip that I recently wrote for our club newsletter (when you’re the editor, you tend to write a lot of articles) on this exact subject: Anyone who has disassembled their dash gauges can appreciate the […]

Engine blocks

Title : Dolomite 1850, Sprint and TR7 Block Author : Mark Larmour (SPRINTPARTS) The Dolomite 1850, Sprint and TR7 engine blocks can all be interchanged. The only difference between the blocks is that the early series casting has a smaller water outlet from the water pump area to the cylinder head face. The later series blocks also have larger water […]


Title : Dual Battery Schematic Author : Unknown   Title : How to aim headlamps Author : Unknown The word document contains basic details about aligning headlamps by yourself on a flat surface in front of a wall. howtoaimheadlampsandaux Title : How to Upgrade your Headlamp Circuit Author : Daniel Stern and Steve Lacker Details about upgrading your wiring to […]

Cylinder head

Title : Dolomite Sprint Cylinder Head Author : Mark Larmour (SPRINTPARTS) Maintenance Always check valve spring free length when the head is dismantled. Standard new springs f/l = 41.6mm. Replace the springs if they are under 40mm, or if the motor is to be used in competition fit new springs, to avoid valve bounce at high RPM and resultant major […]


Title : Electric Water Pump Controller Author : Jod Clark Schematic of how to wire up your electric water pump and kenlowe fan. Electric Water Pump Title : Dolomite Sprint Cooling Author : Mark Larmour (SPRINTPARTS) Maintenance If you change the water pump impellor from a 6 vane to 12 vane the water pump top cover must also be changed […]


Title : Dolomite Sprint Cams Author : Kindly supplied by Ronald de Jonge Contains timing, valve lift, duration, power-band, maximum horsepower and application figures for British Leyland, TrumphTune, STR, Kent and Holbay cams. download file: cams sprint guide   Title : Performance camshafts for the TR6 Author : //


MintyLamb Author : James Carruthers – – see website under “Automotive” Some useful Triumph bits… Performance Calculator Author : RACE Systems RACE Systems Automotive Performance Calculator  –  performance calculator Calculators for: -Track Performance -Camshaft -FMU -Dyno power -Injector -Tire/Gear -Supercharger -CFM Used -Fuel Pump

Datsun brake drums

Datsun brake drums from a 240z Author : Lorne Goldman, Harald Sakshaug & the gang at the eMog Pub The following link contains information about modifying 240z alloy Datsun brake drums to fit a Morgan. Might be useful for other vehicles with 9″ drums also… // An excerpt from the article follows: Datsun Z drums, (designed along the same idea of […]


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