12/50 coupe

  • Model:Herald / Vitesse
  • Year:1965
  • Purchase Date:2002-11-01
  • Reg:
  • Comm No:GB17342GP
  • VIN:GB72297
  • Engine No:GD28104HE
  • Paint Name:Red
  • Mileage:
  • Location: AU

28-6-14 have purchased a 13/60 Fuel tank and found an original molded roof to deck rubber . I need to get the car restoration going again
1-11-13 a steam traction engine and a steam roller have taken up my time they have ben left in my care for about 2 years work on cars has stopped

30-9-2011 roof complete placed in storage carpets made and in storage body ready to go to the paint shop
4-01-2011 roof stripped and painted two pack white in the process of having the new hood lining and rear wind screen installed
fuel tank being acid washed internally,externally and pressure tested before painting
21/7/09 doors and roof fitted to allow the final bolting down of the rear tub. Door alignment resonable will be adjust by building up edges and filing to suit.
Rear glass and hood lining removed rust repair required bottem LH side glass rubber support.
Carburetors fitted with MME needles and choke arms
Most of the upolstry ready to be installed
I will start to panel beat and rub back the rear tub as soon as the 1959 coupe has a heart transplant
5/01/09 The rear tub is is now sitting on the chassis ready to bolt down and finish of panel beating and body alignment.the under side of the rear tub has been painted with a tar base sound deadner after all seams were treated with fertan rust converted, zinc rich paint and all saems sealed.
2/12/08 8″ brakes fitted to the rear end. Rear left hand axle changed Engine has been run the car has now traveled 3 miles whist sitting 2′ in the air
1/6/08 rear brakes complete. Have purchased a spares doner car 12/50 coupe with as new front and rear valances and a rear tub with miniminal rust in it i feel like i have won a lottery.
Front seat have been recovered Photo attached

8/05/08 in the process of re building a set of 8″ 1850 DOLOMITE rear brake to replace 7″ std units. have been able to scource after the event a set of new spax shockies for the front and a set of koni shocks for the rear
The engine has been started clutch gear box and diff run at tested ok
Dash installed electrics and gauges tested.
Rear tub in position ready to remove the rust
03/01/08 Bulkhead bolted into position should be able to start the engine within the next two weeks All going well the restoration and fitting of the body panels can start Chrome work lights and uplostry complete and ready to bolt on

7/5/07 Bulkhead painted
10/04/07 Bulk head ready for top coating dash is being assembled.Inlet manifold has had the heater pipe replaced with a Stainless Steel unit ( quite and easy job.) Extractors complete ready for wraping ang installation Front seat frames stripped blasted and painted ready for new upolstry( Progress Has been slow )
12/11/06 bulkhead is sitting on stools ready for repairs and painting.Started repairs to plastic dash.
11/11/06 the camber compensator has been installed the rear spring oiled.The chassie has been rust proofed ( oh the smell of fish oil)> the rolling chassie is on its wheels.
27/10/06 I have used a radiator ex austin 1800 4 core new surounds fabricated removed inlet and outlet pipes blanked of holes.Drilled holes mirror image to old holes and fitted herald inlet and out let pipes ( photos to follow) the marina spedo cable matches up to the coupe spedo without any modifications.
tailshaft ex 2000cc saloon shortended and bolted into place.
22/08/06 The gear box has been overhauled and installed. I removed the internals from a Morris Marina gearboxand fitted them into a spitfire box.The marina rear bearing support housing had to be used and a 20mm spacer fitted between the bell housing and gear box.The clutch is now a 8″ diameter and fitted to a remachined flywheel.( photos to follow)
14/05/06 Wiring harness has been dismantle extra circuits added for two speed wipers two speed heater fan,reversing lights and rear window demister. A high amperage earth wire with 2 more lugs to bolt it to the chassie at the front and rear of the car.

24/04/06all lights have been dismatled, painted, polished and threads repaired ready for installation. All the chrome work has been replated and ready to pickup.two speed wipers rebuilt and tested.Two speed demister fan reconditioned and tested
1/11/05 progress has been slow the engine has had the crankshaft flywheel and front pulley balanced.The flywheel has had 1kg of metal removed.Crank installed ,new oil pump installed (1500 spitfire).
Rear tub has returned from the sand blasters not a preaty site.

1/4/04 Made all new brake lines over Easter Copper coated Steel type

7/12/04 THE 12/50 coupe is in the current edition of triumph world ( triumphs down under ) the chassis is back in the shed and sitting up on steel saw hoarse progress has been slow whilst I was building a shed the store the 1959 coupe in .

1965 triumph 12/50 coupe assembled by AMI

I believe 1 of 3 left – 24 manufactured in 1965 and only 144 manufactured over the years 1963, 1964, 1965

I purchased the car for $1500 to use the diff and disc brake front end on the 948cc coupe due to it being rare I decided to rebuild it. It was purchased in November 1992 and has been under cover since then.

Will be erecting shed in area shown in photo to store 1959 herald in whilst restoring 12/50 coupe.

Have managed to source enough parts to assemble a 13/60 engine. I will be going this way the horse power is very attractive. I believe with little effort a 5speed Toyota gear box can be installed
The car is now stripped down to it,s chassis after the long weekend it wiil be plated to box in all channel sections blasted and painted ready for assembly . Now the fun begins

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Special Interest Projects

Engine 13/60

Bored to suit .020” oversize 2litre 6cyl triumph pistons rings ex Toyota corolla Piston lengths machined deck heights varied, block machined .038” to reduce height and let pistons protrude .010” above block Head valves springs ex 2.5liter pi saloon, hardened exhaust seats fitted we have started to port and polish inlet and exhaust ports Bulk head has been sand blasted rusted structural areas repaired and floors fibre glassed. Diff ex dolomite 3.63 fitted Mag wheels repaired and ready to fit to car


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