1500 (Well…it was!)

  • Model:Dolomite / Sprint
  • Year:1971
  • Purchase Date:2006-03-28
  • Reg:STM 751J
  • Comm No:
  • VIN:
  • Engine No:VAHE
  • Paint Name:Valencia (I think)
  • Mileage:Who knows....
  • Location: GB

This car is currently for sale, at :


Item number 200013307266

It’s a 1971 Triumph 1500 FWD. Originally sticking a stunning 61bhp through the front wheels, under the command of its one lady owner, it then was barn stored since 1984. It was dragged, blinking and shivering, into the grim winters light last year and ….

….torn apart. It was combined with what was left with of a Dolomite Sprint, that had decided air was stronger than metal for the most part.

The resulting specification is:
– Triumph 1500 bodyshell & interior
– Sprint engine, subframe & mounts (16 valve, 2 litre, 127BHP+ as standard slant four, twin HS6 carbs)
– Sprint front suspension
– Sprint steering rack & column
– Sprint rear axle & propshaft/shockers
– Sprint 4 speed Manual gearbox with J-type Overdrive.
– Sprint headlamp trims
– Sprint alloy wheels
– Sprint dash panel with correct 130mph+ clock & rev counter

Modifications at the moment (besides the obvious) are:
– Full Janspeed race exhaust
– Nonstandard fast-road Camshaft (make unknown)
– New shock absorbers
– Magnecor 7.5mm race ignition leads
– Oil pressure, oil temperature and vacuum gauges in front of gearstick (to be fitted)
– Smiths 60mm secondary dash-mounted rev counter
– Aldon Flamethrower Fast road/Race coil
– Champion spark plugs
– Olac Ekoc vented oil catch tank
– 1500 front grilles
– Greenstuff EBC front brake pads
– HiSpec adjustable brake bias valve

Modifications to come:
– Side exit exhaust with larger centre box
– Returned to ride height (or just above) as in photos on adjustable platform shocks with lowered springs – 225lb fronts, 150 rears or similar
– Modified intake system w/K&N panel filters & possibly needles
– Kenlowe electric fan
– Revolution wheels (or similar)
– Ignition cut out and starter panel
– Electric fuel pump & fuel pressure regulator
– Possible bonnet louvres
– Brake cooling ducts
– Maybe strip interior (not sell though!) and fit some retro race seats & harnesses…but I’m not keen on this.
– Good decalling up!
– Twin 40s or HS8’s or possibly, even, Yamaha Bike Carbs.
– Oil catch tank & breather (when I get the cheque off)

I’m hoping not to modify the exterior too much as to give the game away….

The car will be visting the Nuerburgring this year, as well as participating in several track days and a few RWYBs. It will be present at the Classics and Retro Show 2006, on the Retro-Rides stand.

A few brief videos – cut and paste the link into your browser.

//www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipSlYzQykvU – up a hill!

//www.youtube.com/watch?v=n43G2NL1MSQ – revving up.

//www.youtube.com/watch?v=nx5C0vs303c – Flying by (briefly!)

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