2.5 PI Saloon

  • Model:2000 / 2500
  • Year:1970
  • Purchase Date:1999-04-01
  • Reg:
  • Comm No:MG4305DL
  • VIN:
  • Engine No:
  • Paint Name:Charcoal
  • Mileage:
  • Location: GB

I acquired the car in April 1999 from the widow of it’s previous owner. He had owned the vehicle for many years and had almost completed the restoration of the bodywork. The car is virtually unknown in North America as it was not sold there but is a development and a revised Michelotti body of the earlier version. Two versions were available in this body from the factory – the Triumph 2000 Saloon/Estate (Wagon) with the GT6 carburetter engine and the Triumph 2.5PI Saloon/Estate with the 2500 TR engine with Lucas fuel injection. Power output in standard form is 132bhp with a maximum speed of 110mph and a 0-60mph time of 10.5 secs. This was the ‘top of the line’ car available from Triumph and even by today’s standards is still very quick. Major work so far is a complete engine overhaul, leaving the brakes, steering and repainting still to be done. This is not going to be a ‘concours’ car but one that overseas visitors to Gaydon will be able to travel in (at speed and in comfort) to the former factory site in Coventry. Colour is Sienna with Tan ambla trim. Currently known as ‘Canley Girl’ because Canley is the Coventry suburb where the factory was located and where she was made – alongside all those piddly little sports cars!

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