4.3 V8 PI

  • Model:2000 / 2500
  • Year:1970
  • Purchase Date:2000-03-26
  • Reg:BHY851H
  • Comm No:
  • VIN:1MG 5035LDL
  • Engine No:40D
  • Paint Name:green
  • Mileage:32.067 miles
  • Location: AU

4.2 rover v8 crain 218 cam 4.6 heads lightend & balanced. sd1 flywheel. 10:1 compression.stainless steel 4 branch manifolds + system . uprated ecu . LT77 gearbox police spec. jag propshaft. rover p6 diff nissan driveshifts. front disc vented with 4 pot calipers stag drums on the rear .
just a small update for anyone interested the engine is now 4,3 10.5:1 compresion piper 285 cam ap clutch r380 gearbox rolling road was 272 bhp at the wheels that quick not doing any more want to live a bit longer.i am going to put back the lt77 gearbox the ratios are closer
had bumpers recromed and new alloy 4 core rad built all now fitted + rear seat recorver to match the recaro fronts
had new rvc rev counter as the rv1 did not read above 3500rpm
Doing some more mods going to fit an edis 8 ignition system and see what gains can be got from that. Ill keep the dizzy just incase

Still waiting or customs to let me have the car out of the pound so i can get it over the pits and registered ? any one have a kph speedo in WA

Car Is on the road here after much checking some great roads have kph speedo coming

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new quillshaft to fit p6 diff




at the race track


give it a clear out




good fun


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