Dolomite Sprint

  • Model:Dolomite / Sprint
  • Year:1976
  • Purchase Date:2001-10-18
  • Reg:FE 1950
  • Comm No:V A 16903 DLO
  • VIN:125978 WB
  • Engine No:V A 12854 H E
  • Paint Name:yellow
  • Mileage:105,000
  • Location: AU

Rebuilt front & rear suspension
lowered 25 mm.
Rebuilt Brakes Sprint Parts Vented Kit
Car has been off road due to cracked piston hence new rego number.
Engine refreshed Jan 05
-new rings, bearings & oil pump
-Reconditioned head
-12 vane water pump
-Balanced and lightened conrods & pistons
-Vernier cam sprocket
-2″ free flow exhast
-rebuilt Distributor with Hi Energy Ignition
-Braided steel clutch hose
-2″ free flow Exhaust
-BBT Carb needles

-Adjustable Koni Coil Overs
-Sprintparts brake cooling ducts
-new flexible brake lines
-Improved oil leaks on gearbox
-overdrive now also on 2nd
-new speedo cable

-Woodwork reconditioned
-Combiation oil pres.& Water temp. Smiths Gauge
-Smaller steering wheel.original wheel needs recovering
-Racing seat & four point harness for Hill climbs and Track work

2008 Improvement
Rebored 40 over
balanced an lightened rotating assembly
Head cleaned up and 3 angle cut valves
Reprofiled cam to suit 2′ SU
Inlet manifold Machined to suit SU’s
Cold air Box and ducting
Sprnt parts large bore primary pipes
Oil cooler purchased yet to be fitted

-Adjustable Gaz Coil Overs
-Rimmer Brose Uprated & lowered Spings
Replaced Subframe Bushes & rack bushes

Pulled apart to stop leaks
Replaced Main Bearings
LayShaft Bearings
2nd & 3rd syncro rings
Cleaned and replaced O rings in overdrive unit

2009 Improvements
Yet to be Fitted

Have Purchased Rollbond Bolt in Cage

Adjustable Gaz Coil Overs
Rimmer Brose Uprated & lowered Spings

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Preparation for Targa


Hill Climb


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