Dolomite Sprint

  • Model:Dolomite / Sprint
  • Year:1975
  • Purchase Date:2001-02-24
  • Reg:SI2806
  • Comm No:VA15546DLO
  • VIN:VA15546DLO
  • Engine No:VA11476HE
  • Paint Name:Mimosa
  • Mileage:~?50,000 km
  • Location: AU

Engine rebuild at ~?52,000km
– 0.040″ overbore, standard head gasket
– Lightened and balanced rotating assembly
– STR91 cam
– 45mm webers with K+Ns
– Electric fuel pump + kill switch
– Uprated valve springs
– Adjustable vernier cam sprocket
– 2″ Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust system
– Sprintparts large bore primary pipes
– Ceramic coated exhaust manifold
– Rear battery conversion + kill switch
– Koni adjustable shock absorbers
– Uprated lowered springs
– 1″ front antiroll bar
– Poly bushes all-round
– Solid lower steering coupling (Rally Design)
– Recurved distributor for 98 octane with Crane Digital Multi-spark ignition
– Oil Pressure Guage
– 13 row oil cooler and thermostat
– TR7-style coolant circulation mod (back of head into heater circuit)
– Davies-Craig EWP (Gen III) + EBP + Fan Controller + Fan
– 2-stage Immobiliser
– Halogen lights
– 55 amp Bosch alternator
– Toyo Proxes 888 185/60R13 rubber
– Twin fire extinguishers mounted in front of seats
– Reconditioned gearbox, high tensile yoke locating bolt
– Braided steel clutch hose
– Hi-Torque starter motor
– Sprintparts LSD #10 (@75lb/ft)
– Sprintparts ventilated disk brakes
– O2 sensor adaptor
– Cobra Classic drivers seat

Left the showroom in Geelong, Victoria on the 6th November 1975, purchased for AU $8,280 by Christopher G. Ingham; registered as IHR494.

Purchased by Richard Grant in October 1987; registered as DL5338.

Special Interest registration granted in February 2006.

Photo Galleries

Weber Upgrade


Baskerville Driver Training Day


Baskerville Motorkhana




Diff baffling


Domain Hillclimb


Baskerville Hillclimb


Oil Cooler Install


Vented Rotors


Cylinder Head


Replacing Subframe


Ongoing work


Trip to Mt. Wellington


Claremont Classic Car Shows


Old Engine Bay


Special Interest Projects

Installing a Cobra seat in a Dolomite

Follows my experience fitting a Cobra Vintage seat into a Dolomite whilst retaining original seat rails

2″ SU Installation

Installation of 2" SU carbs

Dolomite Sprint EWP Installation

Covers the installation of a Davies-Craig Electric Water Pump in my Dolomite Sprint after the water pump seal went!

Sprint Engine Rebuild

Follows the rebuild of my Sprint engine which just recently decided to drop a valve into the combustion chamber : (

The Phoenix Project

On a fateful evening sometime in May 2002, whilst driving, there was a loud bang and a flash as (i guess) a fuel line caught fire in my Dolomite Sprint. Jumping out of the car and grabbing my fire extinguisher from the boot i did my best to extinguish the fire. Two fire extinguishers and the fire brigade later the fire in the engine bay was out - not before causing significant damage to the engine bay. 8 months later the restoration was completed and could not have been possible without the generous (and tireless) assistance of Graeme Reading, Glen Johnson, Mark Larmour, Richard Gibbs, Roger King and Russell Baldock to name a few! My thanks to all of you for your efforts.


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