Gt6 2600 EFI

  • Model:GT6
  • Year:1972
  • Purchase Date:2001-06-30
  • Reg:GOI 5916
  • Comm No:Ke 10245he
  • VIN:
  • Engine No:MG 855
  • Paint Name:Massey ferguson red with white and rust detailing
  • Mileage:
  • Location: GB

Massey Ferguson red !
Okay, Triumph Banner lane red. Is that any better ?

Early Mk2 (1968) 2.5 P.I. block with TR5 type crossdrilled crank, Gt6 flywheel, overbored 60 thou to exactly 3inch and 2600cc, fully lightened & balanced. Revington TR Sprint cam 37-73 – 73-37, 290 duration, ported & chambered 11-1 CR head, modified 6-3-1 stainless steel exhaust manifold (since photographs). oxygen sensor OS fitted in the front section of the stainless system, stainless steel side exit exhaust.
TR 5/6/PI throttle bodies, stainless steel ram pipes, foam filters, Bodies fitted with electronic injectors & throttle position sensor, TPS.
DTA fully programmable engine management system 3D fuel and 3D ignition also includes features such as soft and hard cut rev limiter (set @ 7000 rpm hard limit and engine sees that regular), shift light, full power shift cut & dual mode launch control system operating either only while button held or automatic shut off using wheel speed matching(single gear traction control system).3 min data logging.
Quite a lot of other features also on this I do not use.
Ecu & multi-plug bought new (
Full power shift cut is not used 1st into 2nd gear, Did that once on the road.
The rear tyres lit up tail stepped out things got very sideways on a bit of straight dry PUBLIC road.
Also FAR TOO HARD ON THE TRANSMISON, so to prevent the unintentional bending of bodywork and premature explosions of the transmison varity, I had to learn not to do that one again.
All other engine management items modified or fabricated to suit,these include Vauxhall Carlton injectors / Mixture of V8 Rover and Carlton fuel rails / Ford Sierra 36-1 crank trigger wheel (CAS Wheel) mounted using a turned down 2500 S power steering pulley / Fiat crank angle sensor CAS / Rover throttle position sensor TPS / Honda coolant temperature sender CTS. The wheel speed sensor for the launch control is a ABS wheel sensor from a MAN truck. Clutch switch for full power shift cut, brake light switch from Kawasaki motorbike.
Electric fan, Fiat ( switched by ecu ). Water cooled oil cooler (Metro) fitted to spin off filter conversion kit.
High torque starter motor
High output low mounted alternator.
Battery relocated to box on boot floor.
Battery & ignition isolater switch.
2500 S gearbox inc uprated 28% OD.
Short slim type propshaft (Made from ex Dolomite unit)
Gearbox cooling duct,
Spitfire 1500 3.63-1 final drive with ATB diff from Quaife (Aug /03). Verdict “BRILLIANT” car powers out of corners far better than previous, progressive without the permanant sideways attitude of a locking type diff and is a LOT stronger than OE item (could that really be so difficult).
Rotoflex based rear suspension but fitted with lowering block, a swing spring (requires hybrid swing spring, roto main leaf) & sliding steel shafts (shafts made from more dead Dolomite props, thats 3!) NO RUBBER DONUTS, They (New metalastic items) exploded early in the project.
Some say this shaft mod introduces the spline lock situation common on bigger Triumphs. I can only say NO IT DOES NOT !
The minimal amount of length change on the roto set up does not allow this problem to occur.
The fitment of the swing spring on a rotoflex arangement gives the car phenomenal grip, as weight is allways transfered over to the light wheel by the spring.
Heater and interior bin’d. Replaced by,
Alloy dash & interior panels, FIA roll bar, Kirkey alloy race seats / harnesses
Modified GRP Bonnet vented with 5/8 holes near bulkhead FG corner valances.
Morris Garages (Wash’s mouth out with soap, SPIT, SPIT !) Montego alloys (3 & 3/4 in PCD)
15in x 5.5in front (195/50×15 tyres) & 15in x 6in rear (205/50×15 tyres) or (195/50 Federal FZ201 moulded slicks) 1/2 inch spacers used on rear to clear original mounting positioned (Spitfire length) shocks. These fairly pig ugly wheels (Ugly but my brakes fit inside them) are secured using M12 wheel studs. Trunnionless conversion, PollyRace bushs, Koni front shocks, Spax rear. Citroen Xantia 11-1/4 in vented front brake discs (These were chosen because total disc depth, (inside disc face to flange) is as std Gt6 disc, spigot hole only required minimal enlargement) using rebracketed original P16 calipers with spacer kit fitted, Spitfire dual circuit master cylinder, Maxtorque kevlar pads. Brakes are now superb, can scrub off high speed very quickley indeed, without fade. Hydraulic handbrake. Main brake line fitted inside car.
Rear de-bumpered, Front (lightweight) tubular stainless steel bumper.

Standard parts fitted. YES, THERE ARE SOME !

Fr wishbones & turrets, Steering col & rack. Rear lower arms. Window regs, door locks & glass. Rear Gt6 badge. Tail lamps (with the exception of water drain holes in lens’)Tail lamp trim & horse shoes.

Brain hurts trying to list these standard items!

Ahh the clutch, it’s standard ! Get’s a bit smelly on autotests (Thats the only time)
due to max grunt in low gears & hard changes.
Can live with that untill I can afford better.
Correcting myself on that. (well its been a while) Not standard clutch !
Uprated Bedford CF van item. Still it smells on autotests.

I have recently discovered that this car had been rallied here in Northern Ireland in the early seventies.
This information came from a fellow entrant at an autotest who had navigated in it at that time.

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