Herald 13/60 Saloon

  • Model:Herald / Vitesse
  • Year:1967
  • Purchase Date:1994-09-06
  • Reg:PUC 321 F
  • Comm No:GE 4711
  • VIN:
  • Engine No:
  • Paint Name:White 19
  • Mileage:66,500
  • Location: GB

Early 13/60 with shadow blue interior, not an advertised scheme with white body. Still has silver engine fan and gold rocker box – both features of early 13/60s. Also small fuel tank.

I’m the third owner, second one had it for 21 years and i bought it from her when she was 87.

Currently still undergoing restoration. So far front chassis rail ends replaced, both footwells patched (didn’t need replacing), front outriggers replaced, rear chassis extensions replaced, treadplates replaced (both sections on each side), bottom of air intake/heater box on bulkhead replaced, rear deck replaced (both corners were rotten but replacement of the whole thing was easier).

Other mods are: swing spring conversion, polly bushes throughout, solid rack mounts, Spitty mkIV wheels powder-coated white with 155s, alternator conv. powder blue roof, rubber-less bumpers, vitesse MKII steering wheel


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