• Model:Stag
  • Year:1976
  • Purchase Date:1993-02-20
  • Reg:FCA 635
  • Comm No:LD43254AK
  • VIN:
  • Engine No:LF42426HE
  • Paint Name:Carmine
  • Mileage:400,000 kms
  • Location: AU

Car bought in Victoria having done 90,000kms – I have since added a further 310,000kms, including 11 trips across the Nullabor. (I worked in Victoria from 92 to 96 and drove home to Perth every Christmas.) The last time I did the trip Jan 2003, it was 48 degrees across the Eyre Peninsular (!) Only thing I regret is that the car was an auto – but have recently fitted a manual with overdrive. The Stag is a great cruising GT, and there is really no other car that does what it does in the price range.

Car has only been towed twice, once in Vic (broken condenser when I first had the car, wouldn’t be fooled by that now!) and once 5 years ago in traffic in Perth when faulty water pump shaft damaged and jammed jackshaft. Only mods are practical – TR6 bib spoiler for extra air flow, Piranha electronic ign, Bosch 60A alternator (ex aussie Ford, available everywhere) 16 inch elec fan, 4 core radiator, upper cyl lube drip feed for unleaded fuel,solid spacers in rear hubs after collapsibles kept collapsing (!),electronic fuel pump,etc. Starting to show rust hassles here and there, so need to address soon. Will add photos when available. Crankshaft showing signs of wear, original, so done 400,000 kms) but car not driven every day now as was when work car, so in the next year will replace crank. Also will add Holley 390 carb.

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