Stag (Mk II)

  • Model:Stag
  • Year:1976
  • Purchase Date:2006-11-21
  • Reg:none
  • Comm No:LD40969 A
  • VIN:T88026LD
  • Engine No:LF 40977HEA
  • Paint Name:Mimosa yellow (soon to be Triumph Scorched Yellow)
  • Mileage:98,454 M (odometer)
  • Location: AU

I have rebuilt the heads.
New camshafts and valves, collets, buckets, shims, guides and springs.
Inlet manifold is to be modified to mount a 390cfm four barrel Holley carburettor (from Monarch in the UK already jetted to suit the Stag).
Stainless steel extractor big bore (quiet) exhaust system (from Rimmers in UK) is ready to fit.
All suspension bushes are to be replaced with polyurethane including rear subframe mounts.
New one and a quarter inch lowered progressively wound springs (from Tony Hart in UK) are to be mated to Gaz on-car adjustable dampers (Rimmers).
Rebuilt PAS.
Automatic trans is to be thrown out and manual with J type overdrive will be fitted, including an electronic logic controller (eBay) to automatically disengage overdrive on downshifting.
New Borg and Beck clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing.
Spin-on oil filter conversion with thermostatically controlled oil cooler.
Bottom end currently being assessed for rebuild. (It’s a work in progress after all!)
Any advice on successful improvements welcomed!
That’s why this website exists – it’s ultimately to help one another.

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Engine without heads


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Pre restoration body bits


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