TR 2

  • Model:TR2
  • Year:1954
  • Purchase Date:1970-07-30
  • Reg:
  • Comm No:TS 4085 L
  • VIN:EB 4478
  • Engine No:S 4441 E
  • Paint Name:red w/ black interior
  • Mileage:70,000 plus
  • Location: US

Original owner left the car in his brothers back yard in 1966, when he entered the Army.
Somehow the sidescreens ended up in the boot and water rusted out some of the flooring.
Also the plugs were removed from the engine and rain water ended up inside the cylinders.

When I bought the car in 1970, it was a rusty mess with a frozen engine and really bad upholstery and rugs. But at least the car was all complete and original.

At that point I put it in the back of my barn hoping to get some time to restore it. And there
it sat, I’m ashamed to say, until recently. Now I really have a huge job ahead of me!

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As it sat in the barn……..


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