TR 3

  • Model:TR3
  • Year:1957
  • Purchase Date:1989-07-10
  • Reg:
  • Comm No:
  • VIN:TS 21045
  • Engine No:TS 21390
  • Paint Name:Red
  • Mileage:160000
  • Location: US

I spent 7 yrs rebuilbing this car to make it a good driver. The car was a project car someone else did not complete. The engine and transmition were rebuilt but the rest of the project was in boxes and for sale. I took the body off to replace floor and do a good paint job. The frame was cleaned, suspension rebuilt and brakes gone through. When body and frame were reunited, the interior and wireing got replaced. It’s been a project I don’t care to repete but has been worth it. Driving close to 10 years with only one “come get me” call ( fan belt) . It might be time for a real trip….

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