• Model:TR2
  • Year:1955
  • Purchase Date:1978-07-19
  • Reg:
  • Comm No:
  • VIN:TS6927L
  • Engine No:From a TR3b
  • Paint Name:White (originally)
  • Mileage:unknown
  • Location: US

Owned this car (Fourth Owner) in the mid 60’s and sold back to prior owner (as required by original sale agreement for same $$ I purchased it for) but re-aquired it in 78, again for same $$$ amount. When I owned it originally it was original white with red interior and leather trim. It had a motor from an early TR3a and had a Girling rear axle, but Lockhead master cyll. Also trans with syncro first gear. When I repurchased it (ninth owner) the color was BRG with black vinyl interior and the fender/body deams had been filled in with bondo and the rusted floorboards had been patched with what looks like about 14 gage steel! I have been sourcing parts since its repurchase and about 2006 began a slow re-incarnation. Starting with a new RATCO frame to replace the badly rusted original. The frame was modified to take the full TR6 front suspension setup by RATCO. RATCO also supplied a TR6 front sway bar (I made the mounting brackets which also support a small air dam) and a rear tube shock conversion kit using Monroe shocks. Toyota four pot front disk brake calipers, Acura Legend rear disk calipers, split front and rear master cylinders and a servo assist with rear brake line pressure adjusting valve complete the braking. Uprated front spindals with alloy hubs take 185/70HR 15H tires on 5.5″ Panasport alloy wheels all around. Rear diff has a Quaif with 4:1 to 1 ring and pinion gear, alloy extra capacity cover, alloy drive shaft and HVDA Toyota 5 speed transmission, radial TOB and TR6 type diaphrahm clutch with lightened flywheel and ring gear. Engine has 89mm liners and Mahl pistons/rings and pins, Corrillo rods and Crower billet steel crank with IJ crank scraper and baffels, alloy sump and uprated oil pump with spin on filter and 13 row oil cooler and thermostatic control. Thin belt conversion with alloy pulleys and damper, alternator conversion and modern starter. Ingition is Crain electronic and Magnacore plug wires. Full Dan Masters wiring kit(s), uprated lighting, interior courtesy lights, hood and trunk lighting, glove box lighting and third brake light on interior roll over bar and three point seat belts hold one in the Mazda Miata seats, recovered in red leather to match the Heritage red interior and leather trim and Matador red Wilton wool carpets. Modern radio mounted in repro of original mounting but speaker grill replaced with three additional insteruments (oil temp, air/fuel sensor, vacume) and the original amp gage replaced with a 60amp unit from a Jag.
Alloy fuel tank, front engine plate, six blade water pump and radiator complete the weight saving conversions. Electric cooling fan with “soft start” controls. HS6 carb’s, TR4a intake manifold and Head conformed to 9.75 CR with SS valves (.050 oversize intake), hardened exhaust seats, uprated valve springs, alloy keepers, HS roller rockers on hardened shaft and alloy mounting all covered by alloy valve cover. Exhaust is thru ceremic coated tubular header into stock TR2 muffler and pipes. Car will be completed with steel hardtop and the exterior will be all white including the sidescreens. Expect to be completed within the nexy year—or so!! My approach to this was based on “what would I do with this car if was to walk into a TR dealer today and could order whatever I wanted on the vehicle”. With the exception of the Miata seats, 14″ Mona-Lita steering wheel (forgot to mention that I installed a Revington TR Rack and Pinion steering unit) retaining the original horn and turn signal controls using a Bastuck supplied “slip ring”, Panasport wheels and Vedesten radials, the car will look “stock” from the outside. The end result will I hope be a safer, yet spirited, fun daily driver for the time I have left with a drivers liscence and then pass to my son…

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