• Model:TR2
  • Year:1954
  • Purchase Date:2005-10-02
  • Reg:none
  • Comm No:TS561L
  • VIN:EB550
  • Engine No:TS16299E
  • Paint Name:white
  • Mileage:not known
  • Location: US

The PO (Niagra Falls, NY, USA) purchased the car 16 years ago and intended to restore it, but never got to it. The engine was started three years ago; the car was never licensed by the PO.

It presently has a later model engine installed (the engine and transmission are painted red) and was last driven 3 years ago. The car sports an aluminium bonnet and aluminium spare tire cover; the boot is steel. It wears tan seat covers in TR3 style. The Lockheed master cylinder has been replaced with later Girling type; front drum brakes remain; the Lockheed clutch slave cylinder is in a box of parts. The black three-pane hood has all of its “baby” Tenax fasteners present; Lift-a-Dots are used on the rest of the car. The front apron appears to be a replacement and is red underneath the BRG paint and black primer. While the original bonnet latches are present, the cable leading inside the car is missing, being replaced with a string and a plastic tag.

Aside from the rot in the usual places and replacements, the car is “all there” and a good candidate for a thorough restoration. The long doors are in excellent shape. The frame looks horribly rusty.


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