• Model:TR5 / TR250
  • Year:1968
  • Purchase Date:2003-12-10
  • Reg:
  • Comm No:CD6746L
  • VIN:
  • Engine No:
  • Paint Name:Signal Rd
  • Mileage:30000
  • Location: US

This car is the result of the two better halves of two cars coming together. The excellent body was joined to the previously restored chassis of my other TR250. List of modifications as follows: Engine rebuilt with 10:1 compression ratio, GP2 cam, rimflow valves with heavy duty valve springs, 1.65 roller rockers, Bosch alternator, triple weber 40DCOE carbs, Cannon triple intake manifold, gear reduction starter, modern PCV valve, 6-3-1 pulse stainless header with heat shield, custom 2 1/4″ exhaust to stock muffler, Toyota 5-speed conversion, Moss high pressure clutch, hydraulic throw-out bearing, balanced driveshaft, 3.69:1 Nissan viscous limited slip differential, uprated stock-height front and rear springs, new brake and fuel lines, Toyota 4-pot brake calipers, 7/8″ rear wheel cylinders, white surrey top and red backlight, red interior panels and carpet, 15X6 panasports, new mc, 3/4″ front sway bar, solid steering rack mounts, recored radiator, retractible three point seatbelts, new seat tracks, new wiring harness, Mallory unilite distributor, stock-looking electronic tach, rebuilt speedo, cast aluminum valve cover, 8″ rebuilt brake booster, new wheel boxes.

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