• Model:TR5 / TR250
  • Year:1968
  • Purchase Date:2005-01-09
  • Reg:
  • Comm No:
  • VIN:CD7188LO
  • Engine No:CC7081E
  • Paint Name:Signal Red (32)
  • Mileage:58,671
  • Location: US

MODIFICATIONS – Suspension: Koni tube shocks at all four corners, competition springs, new upgraded anti-sway bars front and rear, Drive train performance rebuild: cam, valves & valve springs, pistons, crank, clutch, TR6 performance split SS manifold, performance SS high flow exhaust, aluminum flywheel, transmission rebuild, carb rebuild, electronic ignition, fuel pump, electric fan. Brakes: all new Moss performance brake kit with green stuff pads, fined rear drums & competition shoes. Gauges all rebuilt. 12K in body paint. Now I’m happy and broke.

HISTORY – An American in the Diplomatic Service commissioned in England originally purchased this vehicle. Because he had Diplomatic benefits he was able to purchase it directly from the Standard Triumph Factory and not from a Dealer. I have original receipts and bill of sale from both the previous UK and US owners, I also have the original keys as recorded in the BMITH and original British Government tax exempt log book, and original title dated 29 August, 1968.

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