• Model:TR6
  • Year:1975
  • Purchase Date:0000-00-00
  • Reg:
  • Comm No:
  • VIN:CF31127U
  • Engine No:
  • Paint Name:Pearl White
  • Mileage:
  • Location: US

Luna … ’75 TR6

Restoration inspired by Kas Kastner (aren’t we all?)

Completed restoration in 2004
Custom pearl white paint by Phobos Hot Rods
1972 engine rebuilt to 175 HP by Bells Corners British Automotive

Complete disassembly
Frame hot-dip galvanized
Frame epoxy painted and Waxoyl injected

Engine Rebuilt to Triumph S2 Fast Road Specs:
Complete stripdown, every part removed
Magnafluxed the block, heads, crank, rods, etc.
Flowed, shaved, ported, and polished cylinder head
Rods peened and polished, fitted with ARP high-strength rod bolts
Hi-perf Timken bearings installed throughout
Rings perfect on original, not oversized, so matched and replaced
All components shot-peen and/or nitride hardened
Modified to 10.5:1 compression per S2
Exhaust valve seats hardened / modified for unleaded fuel
Valve seals installed (from Chevy V8; not designed into stock engine)
Emissions equipment removed
Engine balanced, dyno’d 178 HP @ 4500 rpm (stock is 104-125HP)
Lightened flywheel
Piper fast road high performance cam
Longflow racing exhaust header
Aluminum valve cover, polished
Alternator rebuilt + housing polished by C.A.R.
Water pump rebuilt + housing polished by C.A.R.
Starter rebuilt by C.A.R
Distributor rebuilt by C.A.R.
Carbs: original Stromberg Zeniths rebuilt +w/ S2 needle valves
New oil cooler w/custom brackets and braided stainless steel lines
Spin-off oil filter mod and remote-located mount w/oil cooler fittings
High-performance Longflow intake filter set
Monza dual exhaust w/resonators

Rebuilt tranny w/rebuilt version J overdrive by C.A.R. + new elec harness
High-performance racing clutch

Radiator re-cored and painted
New air box shroud

Fuel tank sandblasted and epoxy sealed, in and out, and painted stock black

Rebuilt frame on rear end to strengthen to S2 specs
Diff pins boxed to S2
Differential rebuilt to S2
New front springs and shocks
Rear suspension rebuilt by C.A.R., sandblasted, painted
All new rubber parts front and rear
New aluminum racing rack and pinion steering mounts
Rebuilt steering assy

Hubs rebuilt, new high-performance Timken bearings
Panasport wheels w/ Firestone GT4s

Electrical harnesses removed and professionally rebuilt to factory specs by TRF
All new Lucas bullet connectors

New frame and top
Custom cherry steering wheel

Rollbar bolted through frame w/SS backing plates

Recent Work:
New overdrive switch/stalk assembly
Installed fire extinguisher

Custom-made hinged Lexan windscreen nested in rollbar

Replaced harmonic balancer bolt and water pump assembly
Installed TRF secondary bonnet release lever

Replaced hydraulic clutch master and slave cylinders and plumbing

For The Future:
Performance headlights and driving lights
Seat upgrade/Miata
Modify a tonneau cover for rollbar
Cold air intake
Steering upgrade and suspension stiffening to track standards

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