TR7 Coupe

  • Model:TR7
  • Year:1979
  • Purchase Date:2000-10-18
  • Reg:
  • Comm No:TCG 105085 K F
  • VIN:
  • Engine No:
  • Paint Name:vermilion red
  • Mileage:112,000
  • Location: AU

Dec. 2000 Rebuilt front & rear suspension
uprated bushes, 200lbs. coils, vented front disc, 4 pot calipers, anti-dive kit Koni adjustables,2″ inch freeflow exhaust, repainted & polished Wheels and 2 pack paint
July 2003 After some accident damage to the front & rear into the Panel Shop: New nosecone, Radiator, Boot Lid, LH tail light, Windscreen,Front bumper, Rear Bumper. The damage was not as bad as it seems. Also had a few extras done, as is usually the case the small list grew to mean New doorskins, rust repair front gaurds, new door hinges ,new roof lining, new sunroof & finally respray in two pack Vermilion Red

Febuary 2004
Replaced standard TR7 2 Litre
New motor has:
Hi comp. Hepolite pistons
Linished rods
Balanced assembly
Slight cam
3 angle valve cut
Bellmouths with Unifilters
Usual new Bearings, rings,oil pump,timing
chain, tensioner & guides, water pump.

Have also purchased a set of 15 X 6 superlites
will probably fit with Goodyear F1 either 195 X 50 or 205 x 50.
Any Advice??

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