1973 TR-6 prone to vapor lock?

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    My friend has a 1973 TR-6. The way it acts is that when cold or after sitting for some time it starts and runs fine. When going short distances like running errands, it will not start after it sits a short time and then trying to start it again. It has a fuel pump with the priming lever on the bottom, but it feels like it doesn’t pump anything when actuating the lever. It only starts after sitting for some time. Any ideas? Is this a problem in these cars? My 1957 TR-3 never did this.


    Pretty sure it should give a little spring feel when pumping manually with the lever. The best thing is to have a cheap fuel pressure guage and hose ready. Jump in there and quickly swop the hoses when hot and test the pressure (compared to cold).

    I don’t recall them being prone to vapour lock but who knows if your friends car has modified fuel lines that run somewhere hot.

    Presumably it’s turning over well on the battery?

    Is there any evidence of fuel shortage at the carbs?

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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