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    Hi to all,

    I am interested in the Aussie Colour issue also.

    After an absence of 38 years from Triumph ownership, I have recently taken up a classic car hobby, and bought a 1970 sedan that, while originally a 2000 auto, was upgraded to a 2500 manual (with overdrive) in 1989.  This vehicle is also white, with paint code P18.  It was manufactured by AMI, which was a renamed Standard Motor Company plant that started to build CKD cars for other manufacturers.  I understand that the AMI colours were used on all the vehicles that they assembled.  Eventually Toyota bought out AMI, and the plant became a dedicated Toyota manufacturing plant.

    I have also bought, but yet to pick up, a 2500S compliance plated 5/77.  It is a red, verging on orange colour that I think might be Pimento Red.  I don’t have the paint code available at the moment.  The one anomaly with this vehicle is that the speedo is in MPH, so I think that it may be a private import from the UK or some other market that was still using imperial units in 1977.  Could the colour be anything else than pimento red?

    I would like to investigate the origins of this latter vehicle as well.  Is there any UK source for a chassis/engine number search that might identify the origins of my vehicle?



    Was it British Motor Heritage that had the numbers?

    I found it very helpful to hang out at a friendly auto paint company and go through their books.  For my S (which used to be that bright brown/red colour) I found the original colours and even in this instance there were two versions of my colour (one with a white in it to increase it’s coverage as apparently red is very transparent).  It pays to be very careful when looking for these proper mixes as I could only work out (by trial and error) by painting a patch of my car and comparing it to find which one was right.

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Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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