Dim Headlights in '75 TR6

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    I just purchased my first Triumph (a ’75 TR6) and so far am loving it.  However, the headlights are remarkably dim.  They generate a little light, but not much and the passenger light is dramatically dimmer than the driver side.  Any suggestions on what I should do to fix this?  There is the obvious idea to replace the lights, but I fear this problem may be bigger than just the lights themselves.  Suggestions?



    Hello, it is possible that they are not earthing (grounding) properly.  It’s pretty common on cars of this age to find that the ground point is corroded, rusty, dirty, or just loose or not even connected.  Have you tried putting 12v (with some test leads of sufficient size) straight onto the terminals of the globe to make sure it’s working properly?

    The other possibility is that it’s simply not getting enough current due to old/damaged wires and the fact that it has to go via some very old switches.  You could upgrade to use a relay so you can tap in a new 12v+ wire from the battery or alternator and know it’s getting good current.

    I’d replaced the earth wire side of each globe terminal and ensure it’s a good grounding / earthing point + I’d also do the relay anyway as it’s better than original.  If you’re careful you can hide any modified wires so it looks pretty original.

    This article has plenty of details: http://www.triumphowners.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/111098_99upgradeyourheadlampcirc.doc

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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