SU Carburetors

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The SU carburetor was the brainchild of the late George Herbert Skinner, born 1872. In 1906, he took out a full patent for his first design for the carburetor.

SU carburetors got you down? Does it seem like everyone you ask for help says, “Those carbs are junk.” If that’s you, read on:

This fella is very helpful, does a good job and is reasonably priced. Friendly and knowledgeable. So far thoroughly recommended.

Welcome to Midel’s homepage, here you will find everything you need to know regarding S.U. Carburetors, fuel pumps, parts and accessories, along with our restoration and re-manufacturing of various items.

This web page on the Hitachi-SU carburetor is copied from a Service Manual for the Datsun 510, published by Nissan, whose permission to copy we gratefully acknowledge.

Most of us are totally naive when it comes to really “tuning” SU carbs and their potential. In truth, what we all call “tuning” is really not much more than setting the idle mixture. And it usually works…


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