Technical advice

Bonnet release cable broken!

A broken bonnet release cable on the TR4-TR6 can cause no end of difficulty in getting the hood up to fix the problem! This is a common problem in North American TRs with LHD steering, since the hood release cable is quite long and cumbersome, having been intended to be on the right side of the car.

Electronic Ignitions 101

Ray Sedman wrote this article for Virtual Vairs on electronic ignitions, including pros and cons of various systems.

Excellent article! -GN

This page contains definitive answers, and clearly illustrated techniques, and witty commentary. After studying the materials on this site, you will be able to make virtually any car quieter, more solid, warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and more comfortable.

Leak Down / Compression Tests

What are they and how / why to do them.

A vast collection of detailed technical and restoration articles!! Excellent resource!

Overdrive Oil Pressure Gauges

Hydraulic Oil Pressure Test Gauge Set – A & D type or J type Laycock de Normanville Overdrive, functionally equal to / better than Churchill L.188.

Backed with full machining capabilities, their machine shop is fitted with ex-Laycock Engineering machinery and tooling, thus providing the ability to produce an extensive range of Overdrive components.

Thrust Washer mods for 6 cylinder cars

Check this out if you want to deal with crankshaft end-float.


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