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Okay, which one’s better? The sleek black ragtop that you see here or the menacing yellow road/race car which appears above? I guess it would depend on the driver’s mood… Do you want to hammer sideways around your favourite stretch of road at devil’s pace, or cruise along at the legal limit with the wind ripping through your hair? It’s a tough decision.

Buy & Sell your TR7 & TR8 on

If you are selling or buying a TR7, TR7 V8 or a TR8, then have a look at &

S&S Preparations

S&S Preparations was founded some 15 years ago by Simon Carr and Steve Wilcox, both qualified engineers by trade, but more importantly TR7 enthusiasts.

The Wedge Shop

Specialize in Triumph TR8 & TR7 Performance and OEM parts. Reliability and power for the last 20 years.

TR7 V8 Racing

Jon Wolfe’s Triumph TR7V8 & Spitfire Racing Pages.


The History of the TR8 is vague at best largely down to poor records kept at the time, so this site attempts to make up for the lack of official information available by becoming a living/evolving record.


A welcome to home of the Triumph TR7 TR7V8 and TR8.

We’re an enthusiast site purely for the Triumph TR7/8. Without affiliation to any club or parts suppliers. We also have TR7/8 forum with a fair proportion of Aussies as members!

Wedge Parts

As far as Triumph is concerned they intend to focus only on the TR7 and TR8 models,
and want to become your one stop source for wedge parts.

World Wide Wedge

The Wedge Site is maintained fully by volunteers. They all met each other on the TR7/8 mailing list.


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