• Further to the aircon problem I have located the on off switch. It has two electrical connections and a rigid metal tube running back under the console. Where does this go. The switch is a reostat type, I can’t see the purpose of this.
    Also the heater core has no water flow though it, is the tap somewhere behind the dashboard or maybe the core is…[Read more]

  • David replied to the topic 2500s wiring in the forum Triumph Talk 2 years ago

    Thanks Glen, I have found a sway bar but my Haines has nothing about aircon. I think I have figured it out by a process of elimination.

  • David posted an update in the group Group logo of 2.7L overbored 25002.7L overbored 2500 2 years ago

    I have a PI engine sitting in the shed and I am wondering if it is a good idea to overbore it.

    • Glen replied 2 years ago

      I guess that depends on if you can find the right head gasket. I believe my pistons are intended to go in a Mazda and are hepolite. I’ve heard of good torque gains coming from the 2.7L on SU and standard cam. Are you planning to do anything else i.e. cam grind?

  • David started the topic 2500s wiring in the forum Triumph Talk 2 years ago

    I have bought a 2500s that needs a lot of sorting out wiring but have been unable to find any info on the aircon system. The parcel shelves are missing and there is a jumble of wires hanging down with no idea what’s what. Is there a wiring diagram for the s model.
    Also the sway bar is missing, can anyone help me with one.

  • David posted an update 2 years ago

    Added a new Car
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