Title : Electric Water Pump Controller
Author : Jod Clark
Schematic of how to wire up your electric water pump and kenlowe fan.

Electric Water Pump

Title : Dolomite Sprint Cooling
Author : Mark Larmour (SPRINTPARTS)

If you change the water pump impellor from a 6 vane to 12 vane the water pump top cover must also be changed to match the impellor.

Always ensure that a thermostat is fitted and is of the correct type, ie that it has a foot on the bottom of it which cuts off water flow from the water pump to the inlet manifold when the thermostat opens (hot).

Good quality coolant (corrosion inhibitor) should always be used to protect the cylinder head, and other alloy parts from corrosion.

Check or change the water pump bush that is fitted into the block whenever you have removed the water pump. A worn bush allows the shaft to run out of true, contributing to why sometimes water pumps leak at high RPM


Title : Changing a 6cyl Waterpump
Author : Tony Gordon

A detailed personal addition to the factory manual.

changing triumph water pump



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