Cylinder head

Title : Dolomite Sprint Cylinder Head
Author : Mark Larmour (SPRINTPARTS)

Always check valve spring free length when the head is dismantled. Standard new springs f/l = 41.6mm. Replace the springs if they are under 40mm, or if the motor is to be used in competition fit new springs, to avoid valve bounce at high RPM and resultant major damage to the cylinder head.

To check how much material has been machined from a head face, measure from the cam journal to the head face, original minimum production figure was 120.5mm.

If the cylinder head has had a lot machined from its face, it may be necessary to redrill the camshaft sprocket to correct the valve timing.

If you have the camshaft re-profiled (ground), you will need to use thicker valve shims, due to the reduction in the base circle diameter of the camshaft lobes.


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