Datsun brake drums

Datsun brake drums from a 240z

Author : Lorne Goldman, Harald Sakshaug & the gang at the eMog Pub

The following link contains information about modifying 240z alloy Datsun brake drums to fit a Morgan.

Might be useful for other vehicles with 9″ drums also…

An excerpt from the article follows:

Datsun Z drums, (designed along the same idea of the famous Alfin drums but frankly much better) were made in bimetal of cast aluminium with fins for extra cooling and a steel insert and used on the famous Datsun Z sports cars series.

The advantages are much improved rear braking, cooler drums, lighter weight and of course, the ability to shine them up to a gleaming finish (smile)..all without modifying the car. When I tested them, I tested them hard…yet when I stopped that car after some time of this, the brakes were only tepid to the touch.

This was years ago. The problem now will be to find used Datsun drums still in good condition with only acceptable wear. The maximum wear permissible is marked on each drum on their inner surface. I used to see a good set go for $450 USD without machining. Curiously, the originals were available in Canada for $92 CDN up to 2008. I bought the last 11 sets for friends. The set I have in spares is the only new set in original 1970s packaging that can be found on the planet. 🙁 I should know. I called and web-searched for the last year. Part number is 43206-E4100

Comparison of morgan and datsun brake drums

The article shows this comparison of morgan and datsun brake drums


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