Borgwarner 35 (BW35) automatic transmission manual

borg warner bw35 manual

A Type Overdrive Manual

Author : Unknown

Service Instruction Manual for the Laycock – De – Normanville overdrive unit with Electrical Control.

a type overdrive manual

Sprint / Stag / TR3-6 / 2000 / 2500 gearbox transmission

Author : Mark Larmour (SPRINTPARTS)

The standard Dolomite Sprint / Stag / TR3,4,5,6 / 2000 / 2500 gearbox is basically very reliable and strong unit. One of the best features of these gearboxes is the Laycock overdrive units attached to them.

We use and suggest that synthetic oil should always be used in the overdrive gearboxes. In high load situations, particularly motorsport, the gearbox oil can thin, causing the overdrive to become unreliable in operation. The synthetic oil holds its viscosity better at higher temperatures than mineral grade oils.

The overdrive can be very useful in motorsport, by allowing gear changes under full load without using the clutch, but increasing operating pressures and ensuring that the internals are in good condition are necessary to ensure reliable operation.

Whenever the gearbox is removed, always check the clutch cross shaft and its bushes for wear. Excessive wear can cause clutch operation problems, also check the clutch fork locking pin for condition, (ie loose or broken).



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