2000 (auto)

  • Model:2000 / 2500
  • Year:1965
  • Purchase Date:2008-03-15
  • Reg:S500ACN
  • Comm No:2MB51392BW
  • VIN:
  • Engine No:MB52303HEB
  • Paint Name:Grey body, black roof
  • Mileage:Lots :)
  • Location: AU

Bought this to save from the wreckers and to ultimately replace my M2 Pi which is now sold. Mk 1s are getting rare especially pre ‘facelift’ ones. Was very tired and rusty, lots of bits missing especially in the electrical area, but it ran.

Lots of $$$ later, everything works, the car is rust free, straight, and back to its original colour but with a black roof. I removed the bumpers but kept the overriders.

I love the white instruments!

The only real remaining work is the interior, which currently has high back Mk11 seats fitted. Have sourced some correct seats and now need to make some colour decisions about the interior (currently bone, but could be red!). But it is nice to drive – no rocket but it is a very comfortable cruiser, although I can already tell why updating the interior ventilation was a priority for Triumph as without flo-though it does get very hot.

Update 2021: I regretfully sold the car a few years back after getting it 95% there (including a beautiful red interior from a junked Mk1) as I could not store it and my Mk2 Pi. As the Pi was a more entertaining drive the Mk1 went to a very happy customer for a price that now seems ridiculously cheap. Ironically I could now store both. Oh well. There aren’t that many left out there.

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Side view


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