2000 Mk2

  • Model:2000 / 2500
  • Year:1970
  • Purchase Date:1999-04-01
  • Reg:BRN593NC
  • Comm No:4EM-3661-DL
  • VIN:
  • Engine No:ME1821HEBW
  • Paint Name:Smoke Blue
  • Mileage:108000
  • Location: ZA

I inherrited my Triumph from my late grandmother in 1999, I havn’t changed anything on my Triumph as I would like to keep the car in its original condition! It s fitted with a Borg & Warner Type 35 Automatic Transmission and has two Stromberg CD150S carburettors fitted! The longest trip my Triumph has done was in 1999 when we drove it from Oudtshoorn, where my late grandmother lived, to Keimoes where I live, which is a 740 kilometre trip, and the car made it without having any trouble and were’nt scared if overtaking and standing its ground!

I’m currently in England on a working holiday visa, working at BMW’s Mini Production Plant in Oxford! Whenever I get the chance I buy my parts from Rimmer Bros and I am more than pleased with their service and the quality of their products!

I’m looking foward in going back home to South-Africa to fit all the parts to my Triumph and bring it back to a good condition which would have made my late grandmother very happy!


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