Dolomite 1500SE

  • Model:Dolomite / Sprint
  • Year:1979
  • Purchase Date:2001-08-28
  • Reg:XJR 219T
  • Comm No:
  • VIN:WG 25123 DL
  • Engine No:YC 65435 HE
  • Paint Name:Black
  • Mileage:
  • Location: NL

Bought in Newcastle, England, car still in original condition, not perfect, but driveable. I use it as an everyday car. Former owner fitted overdrive. The 1500 SE (Special Edition) is a Dolomite 1500, only made in black with luxury grey interior. with Spitfire wheels. Only about 2500 were produced, about 10 left in England. My car is the only one of that type in Holland, probably the only one outside England! Photo was taken in 2001 on the site of the Triumph Number two factory in Speke, Liverpool, were Toledo’s and TR 7’s were built. Just down the road is the Triumph Number one factory, where the Dolomite bodies were made. The Number one factory is now demolished, on the site of the Number two factory there is now a big supermarket. The streets on that site are named after Triumph’s though!
Februari 2004:
Sad news now: Late last year the car went up for it’s Dutch MOT and it failed miserably….It was very rotten, possibly beyond restoration, so I decided to sell it to a fellow club member, who needed an engine and interior. So, regrettably the car has been scrapped now, another one of those very rare 1500 SE’s gone. But, the parts live on: the engine is in a very happy Spitfire now, and the very posh grey interior is in a Mimosa Yellow Dolomite 1850 on LPG…
1500 SE: R.I.P…………..


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