Dolomite Sprint racecar

  • Model:Dolomite / Sprint
  • Year:1975
  • Purchase Date:2001-11-21
  • Reg:HQ9725
  • Comm No:
  • VIN:VA9803DLO
  • Engine No:VA 9980HE replaced by A005291HE
  • Paint Name:Maple
  • Mileage:
  • Location: NZ

New Zealand new car first registered 21 May 75. 8 owners and 200,000km. Bought in a classic car auction and and used in near standard form for thoroughbred and classic racing.
Subsequently converted using the ‘good’ bits from a crashed 74 Emerald Green Sprint racecar, VA5123DL.
Full cage, 2 raceseats and 5 point harnesses.
Bilstein uprated shocks, harder springs, lowered 27mm, modified steering geometry.
14″ MGF alloys with 195.60.14 Toyo RA881 tyres.
Vented 255mm front rotors with Willwood 4 pot callipers.
Rear mounted battery & electric fuel pump.
Modified engine now with STR139 cam and modified head, twin 45 Dellortos, oil cooler, electric radiator fan. Toyota T50 5 speed g’box & paddle clutch. One piece prop. 2″/2.5″ big bore exhaust. Sprintparts LSd and 4.1:1 diff ratio.
2006: series of problems starting with blown up clutch in Nov 05. Rebuilt sprint g’box fitted when clutch rebuilt. While running clutch in, rear axle half shaft support bearing disintigrated damaging pinion, lsd etc. Still awaiting lsd repair parts. Got back on track only in first practice to have pistons 2 & 3 blow. Engine being rebuilt – photos will follow.
2010: A lot has changed in four years
Cam sprocket sheared off cam and bent about half of the valves. Repaired but took a while to assemble aprts and do it all myself.
Rear axle – gave up on the BL part and now run a Capri 3L rear, still with 9″ drums. Welded on the original Sprint mounts but can use the cheaper Ford LSD and axle ratios. Still running 4.1 ratio
Gearbox required a few goes to get right as professionals didn’t get the clearances right. Last a few seasons and then shredded most of the cogs. Now running a 4 spd Dolomite with original ST close ratio gears.
Clutch – paddle clutch used but recently reverted to standard clutch to make car more road driveable rather than the on/ off of the paddle type. last only lasted 6 months, Replacement just fitted.
Run main bearings a couple of times but caught in time so simply replaced with like. Good job as crank on maximum undersize.
Brakes – in late Jan 2010 at NZ Festival of Motor Racing at Hampton Downs circuit front rubber brake hose popped from the crimped end at the end of the main straight at 170kph. No brakes at all resulted in a huge accident – three barrel rolls ending up over the tyrewall and outside the circuit. Now I aprreciate all that money spent on safety gear. (photos in Dolly Mixture and under motorsport section of UK TDC discussion board)
Body a complete write off, twisted and buckled in every plane. Found another bodyshell, ironically in the same glorious Maple colour. All drivetrain okay. Fully rebuilt into new shell with an even more comprehensive rollcage. On the road by Sept and on the track for Nov 72010. Now done 3 meetings.

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