IMSA TR8 – Canadian Group 44 supported car

  • Model:TR8 / TR7V8
  • Year:1977
  • Purchase Date:2014-01-01
  • Reg:42
  • Comm No:-
  • VIN:ACN01093 UCA
  • Engine No:-
  • Paint Name:Red / White
  • Mileage:0
  • Location: DE

Zolder Race 1


– This Car was constructed in 1979 to Race IMSA, TRANSAM and MOLYSLIP Enduro Races by Peter Bulkowski and Bruce Kulcyk.

– This was one of 6 Triumph Canada Cars sponsored by JRT.
Group 44 built 2 cars – (43 +44) this was the Canadian entry (42)
– The complete Body, Frame, Suspension and Wheels came from Bob Tullius group 44 shop in Virginia.
– Peter Bulkowski raced this car in 1980 with Bruce Kulczyk in the 1,000 km World FIA Race at Mosport and finish 7th in GTO. Finish 22 overall
– 1981 Peter Bulkowski raced with Luc Behar in the 6 Hour World FIA Race and finished 5th in GTO at Mosport. Finish 18 overall
– 1982 Peter Raced with Bob Armstrong in the 6 Hour World FIA Race and finish 4th in GTO at Mosport. Finish 15 overall.
– 1983 Peter teamed with Target Racing Team (David Deacon, Steve Lechnowsky, Drew Fesar and Laurence Polley) to Race the 6 Hour World FIA Race at Mosport and finished 4th in GTO.

– Peter Bulkowski also raced the TR-8 in 1981 at the TransAm race at Mosport and 1982 TransAm Race at Trois Rivieres

– The team raced all the Molislip and Ontario GT Races from 1981-1984

– The car was sold in 1984 and was then raced in 1985 at the World FIA 12 Hour race at Sebring FL. The car had a Engine Failure and subsequently got on fire.
(This was the last time the car was raced until I reunited with the car again in 2000).
– The car was found by Al Mason (Al raced Camaros & Corvettes) in July 2000 and after only 2 days of contemplating, Peter purchased the car back. The car was in a poor condition, a complete tear down was necessary, dip and strip, repaint, rebuilt and replace all moving parts.
The complete tear down and rebuild took 3 years. Many hours, including dinners in the Garage of Peter!

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