• Model:Spitfire
  • Year:1967
  • Purchase Date:2001-03-13
  • Reg:OPH616E
  • Comm No:
  • VIN:FD
  • Engine No:
  • Paint Name:White
  • Mileage:22000
  • Location: GB

The car is in a stage of total redevelopment, as such it changes almost daily. The aim of all this is Lotus Elan speed and getting the max from the chassis and drive. Most pics are atleast 6months old and some new ones will appear!

The aim as said is speed not polishing and looking at it, its gets abused it breaks, it gets repaired and uprated.

0-60 in 7secs and tops out at on the limiter at 7000 in top about 116mph. Its quick, once your doing 5mph (its poor of the line with a 2.68 ratio first) it eats GTI’s and boy racers for starters and likes late model MR2’s and VR6 Golfs for main course to 100ish.

I made a new Love in my life last year the “Green Hell” Nurburgring in Germany, 12miles of mountain tolled racetrack. Off again in an AVIS rental car in 04/04. God Bless free tyres.

Updates to above:

Hired a nail but the videos are amusing enough: check below, best to download to disk before viewing:

Anyway back to the Spit!

Specs ————————————



Capri modified 1.6 Valves
1.5″ dished Inlets valves
1.25″ lightened exhaust valves
Ford uprated single valve springs
Ford uprated valve caps
Triple groove collets
Full ported by Jan Odor
Chambers balanced to 33.2cc
Bronze Guides
Lightened polished and balanced Rockers
Rear oil way grub screwed/blocked
Rocker external oil feed
Rocker pedistal shims +0.060
Copper manifold studs
Payen Gaskets
BP8ES Plugs Gaped @ 0.040 (or 7’s)
Rocker Vent to Atmosphere
Standard Rocker Cover (lightest!)


casting/Airholes in block surface filled
Duplex Vernier timing wheels
Fast Road 89 cam (does the biz)
Hardened lightened lifters
Chrome Moly pushrods
Crank fully balanced/lightened
Rods fully lightened/end to end balanced
Burton Cosworth big end bolts
Standard pistons @ +0.040″
Slightly uprated relief valve
Baffled sump
Fuel Pump hole blocked (vent future)


Twin 40 DCOM MP4/5s (modern DCOE)
30mm chokes
115 Main jets
155 Air jets
F16 Tubes
50F2 Idles
35 Pumps
(Needs rolling road for final settings)
Triumph Tune Quadrant Linkage (crap)
Long tract inlet manifolds
60mm Ram Pipes
Pipercross Filter Socks
Malipassi Fuel Pressure Regulator


4-2-1 Extractor Manifold
Twin Pipe system atm
(Motorcycle end can future)


Citreon BX Diesel Turbo Radiator
Custom made alloy Header tank
Davies Craig Electronic Water Pump
Davies Craig Electronic Pump Controller
Removed Water pump/housing/thermostat
Custom made head manifold for water inlet/outlet
Samco Silicone Hoses
Ecotek inline alloy fan controller
Oil Cooler 13row with thermostatic plate
Heater removed, all pipes removed/valves/wiring.
Head top water outlet fill with sump plug

Gearbox/diff: in progress

Lightened Flywheel
Dolomite 1850 close ratio box (mods)
J-Type overdrive
ARP Flywheel bolts
Standard Clutch (we’ll see its light tho!)
custom cut propshaft
4.11 13/60 Diff


330lbs short springs
Gaz adjustable front shockers
7/8″ Anti Roll Bar
Redrilled rear uprights for improved camber control.
Special rear swing spring
Poly bushes all front suspension
Poly Bushes Rear Radius Arms/spring eyes
Standard 155 tyres (grins!!) on standard wheels
Next Step 5.5J wheels using A032R Soft Yokohama 175/60/13

Brakes: in progress

Rebuilt Master Cylinder
2.8i Capri Discs
GT6 spaced calipers
Green EBC pads
ARP fluid
Future – Rear discs? Bias Adjustment/dual master cylinders.


Lucas 45D4 1500 Dissy
Custom modified weights/springs/curve
Aldon Ignitor II Electronic Dwell Adjusting Ignition
Magnecor KV85 Leads
40000 Volt Flame Thrower Coil
Micro Dynamics RL3 Rev Limiter (soft cut)

General Electrics:

Isuzu Trooper 2.6I High Torque/Pre-engaged Starter Motor
Solenoid Removed
Smiths/Jaeger Dials
Oil Temp Gauge
Oil Pressure Gauge
Capilary Water Temp gauge
New fuse box
Wiring moved from Battery Area into the car
Cut off Switch
Electric Fuel Pump, in boot.
Magnetti Marelli A127 80amp Alternator
115mm Larger Alternator Pulley – less drag!

New bits/projects.

Rear suspension redesign under planning, alloy rotoflex uprights, rose jointed adjustable lower and upper control arms, removal of leaf spring and fitment of a shocker and spring unit fitting to custom made load bearing brackets on the body. Custom made sliding driveshafts to remove Rotoflex coupling and improve strength.

About to add a roll cage.

Winter project, fitment of a 2L Zetec 150HP engine, removal of ECU, Fuel Injection and addition of 3D ECU system and Twin 40 Dellortos should see a stock engine product 165-170HP on standard cams, over 190HP using rally cams and 45 carbs. Using a Sierra MT75 5 speed box and 3.63 Diff (which will need to be Limited slip).

Projections for a 5second 60 time and 11.5-12.5 to 100, and topped out at on revs about 135 (very quickly!).

Should be fun and ready for the Nurburgring to sort out some modern machinery!

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