• Model:GT6
  • Year:1971
  • Purchase Date:2002-02-11
  • Reg:
  • Comm No:
  • VIN:
  • Engine No:
  • Paint Name:Blue (Triumph code 56)
  • Mileage:36,000 So it says.
  • Location: GB

Total body off restoration by myself.
Restoration Time: 54 Weeks
Leaky diff, leaky gearbox, leaky engine – had enough so ripped them out….

Recent modifications:
3.5 litre Aluminium Rover V8 OHV engine (180bhp inserted)
LT77 Aluminium 5 speed Box (5th = 1:1)
Spitfire 1500 3.62 Differential
450Lb front coil springs
Spax damper/ride height shocks fitted
Uprated rear spring.
Wheels: MG Montego ‘spoke’ alloys
Tyres: 195/50 15

0-60 time: Sub 6 seconds. (Tested by matching TVR Chimaera up to 80mph)
Top Speed (to date) 125mph @ 5000rpm (red is 6)

Engine and box are directly bolted to Chassis via steel mounts to original chassis points as cleasances are so tight this engine is not allowed to move.

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