• Model:GT6
  • Year:1973
  • Purchase Date:2000-09-10
  • Reg:GT6 EC
  • Comm No:KE14181
  • VIN:FC221789
  • Engine No:KE11271HE
  • Paint Name:Saffron
  • Mileage:53000
  • Location: ZA

Car is stock except for a monza styled exhaust and rims widened to 6J and fitted with 185/65/13s

Photo Galleries

Showing Off


October 2005


Gas Bonnet Struts


June 2005


What happens when you’re not paying attention!!




Electric Fan Mods


Coming Together


Final Spray






Special Interest Projects

Wheelarch Repair

Unfortunately Triumph's built in rust prevention that works so well around the gearbox and diff doesn't reach all the way up the wheelarches so these needed serious repair.


Reassembly begins

Bonnet Latch Rebuild

Thought this may be of interest to someone.

Tunnel Cover

Since the original tunnel cover was virtually non-existent the need for a new, more durable and user friendly cover was obvious. Many hours of rebuilding the existing pieces into a form that could be used as a mould, resulted in a cover that hopefully will not need to be removed too often. A few changes (hopefully for the better) were made along the way, so here it is.

Dash Rebuild

The dash was badly cracked and peeling so was in desparate need of a new face.


After getting the tub flipped over onto a very handy trolley, it is now mobile and ready for the cosmetics.

A-Post Repair

Discovered some minor rust on the A-Post


The overdrive was in desperate need of a rebuild since the cone linings were all lying in the bottom of the box. Since relining requests locally were met with mega $$$ prices I decided to do it myself.

Poly Bushes

Since all bushes had disintergrated I decided to make my own. Here are some pics.

Full Body off restoration

This project was started in December 2001 and had gone surprisingly well, thanks mainly to the fact that I broke my leg and was booked off work for 4 months. Of course, I couldn't let valuable time like that go by lying in bed so the car got lots of attention.

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  1. robert Cirillo 5 years ago

    Is gt6 for sale

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