Slammed 2000TC

  • Model:2000 / 2500
  • Year:1971
  • Purchase Date:February 2013
  • Reg:FP3407
  • Comm No:
  • VIN:3ME21641DL0
  • Engine No:ME19606HE
  • Paint Name:Unsure
  • Mileage:74700
  • Location: NZ


Heres my absolute pride and joy

I brought her back in Feb 2013 and have been in throwing money at it ever since

Motor popped last year and is 70% ready to go back on the road

Since buying it completely stock apart from some 13″ hotwires it’s had the following done :

  • The grille has been sprayed black
  • Its lowered on Suzuki swift adjustable springs and Daihatsu Feroza in the rear
  • Lowered on custom suspension in the front
  • Semi sealed head lights have been installed
  • High beams have been wrapped in a yellow film
  • Rear bumper has had end caps removed
  • Front bumper is removed (not permanently)
  • Mazda Rx 7 oil cooler fitted with oil lines running through the grille
  • Mazda Rx 3 radiator fitted with single electric fan (removed viscous)
  • Heater core removed
  • Full engine rebuild
  • Engine bay has just been freshly painted black
  • Battery relocated to boot
  • Custom gearshift
  • Painted purple gearbox
  • Tinted front corner lights and tailights
  • Front spoiler from mk1 golf installed
  • Sub and amp installed
  • Corbeau clubsport seats installed
  • Windscreen banner (company I work for)

Things needed to finish car:

  • Full exhaust
  • New brake lines made
  • Fuel tank needs to be pulled out and cleaned
  • Needs a little amount of re-wiring (mainly to hide wires for a tidy appearance)
  • Interior wood trims need re-varnish
  • Wheels need to be widened (expected back in mid december)
  • Cooling/Fuel needs to be plumbed up
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Slammed 2000TC

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  1. Glen 4 years ago

    Any chance you could update your car details to tell us the exact sizing of your wheels, offset, tyre profile etc. ? It’s super helpful to anyone planning to go wide. The fronts looks like a perfect size. Do they need negative camber to avoid the lip or do they fit safely?

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