• Model:Dolomite / Sprint
  • Year:1978
  • Purchase Date:1995-10-15
  • Reg:15-HS-08
  • Comm No:
  • VIN:VA 26276 LDLOS
  • Engine No:
  • Paint Name:Vermillion Red
  • Mileage:121.000km
  • Location: NL

This is a Swiss version of our beloved model, which was imported from Switzerland.
We bought this one at a BMW specialist in Holland for NLG 5000 in 1994. Converted in 1998 to Weber Alpha injection (155 BHP/wheels) by a student, who wanted to do an injection project in our company.
Very nice and sound car, has a slip differential as original equipment (also in engine number, this is an LDLOS!)
Nice BMW-beater for family transport, currently summer use only

No further special modifications, passes MOT every time without strange problems, coupling cilinder is leaking slightly, we’ll fix this in due time. She’s starting to smell a bit, so we might have to change the oil seal by the end of summer 2006

By now it is 2011, and the car is in a process of slight restoration, please note it is still in unrestored state, but needs some welding on the normal spots, a nice respray, we built her a better engine to have advantage of the Weber Alfa injection system.
Will be on the road later this year for a visit to England, following the Midsomer locations in a time period vehicle.

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  1. Glen 4 years ago

    Do you have any photos or specs of the injection setup?

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