• Model:TR5 / TR250
  • Year:1968
  • Purchase Date:2001-04-10
  • Reg:
  • Comm No:
  • VIN:CD6147L
  • Engine No:
  • Paint Name:11 White
  • Mileage:
  • Location: CA

I am the documented third owner of this original paint and uphoulstery 250. It was sold new in San Francisco to a gentleman who modified it considerably using the acccesories available from the BLM Competition Accessory catalogue of which I have the original copy supplied with the car. He added the V578 S2 cam, V550 valve springs, V618 push rods, V458 American Racing Magnesium Wheels, V449 HD springs, header, head removed for planing and port work, koni front shocks, Amco console, Amco trunk rack, am fm radio, lap belts, Amco front badge bar, front stabilizer bar, roll bar, and a really cool period Bell alarm that rings a bell like a school bell when activated, an extremely rare piece. He kept the car for 17 years before selling it to a family friend who lived just over the bridge in Marin County. The second owner added the Webber DGV carbs, a TR6 chin spoiler and an overdrive unit. He kept the car 16 years and then put it on Ebay where I spotted it and bought it sight unseen. I flew to San Francisco where he picked me up at the airport in the car. We drove over the bridge to Marin County to a British specialty shop where I was able to inspect and verify my purchase. It was as described and I was in love. It should be noted that the 250 was still wearing the coveted California “Black Plate” that was assigned to it in 1968. I left Marin County at about 2 in the afternoon and headed North to British Columbia Canada and my home which was about 1200 miles away. I arrived the next evening after an exiting but uneventful drive.
I have made some additions myself including monza exhaust, rear stabilizer bar, tube shock conversion, roller rockers, oil cooler, moto lita wheel, nylex bushings front and rear, goodparts adjustable TA brackets, original ski rack attachment for trunk rack, pertronix and I’m sure some other things I am overlooking. Where possible I have kept all the original parts that have been removed so that if I ever sell it to a purist it can be returned to “stock” although that would be quite a step backwards in performance and handling. I have an original set of steel wheels and RO style caps that I have acquired as well.
As I say the car wears it’s factory paint and I have covered whats left of the original stripe with a tape stripe as the factory one has been partialy worn away by 41 years of washing and waxing. The car is a bit of a 10 footer in that it has accumulated a few parking lot dings etc over the years but really does still show very well. There is absolutey NO rust anywhere! I would like to paint it one day but as they say it is only original once so I am putting off doing that for now. The seat covers and carpet are original but I am going to change up the carpet as it is very worn. I have replaced the wood dash with a solid teak unit in a satin finish as close to the original as I could find. Everything in the car works, there is not even a burnt out bulb, no excuses for this one. The car has huge power over stock and although the Monza is loud the growl from the modified engine thru 3000rpm is Jaguaresque and is delightful to hear. It starts immediately, idles smoothly, does not overheat and all in all runs more like a new Honda than a 41 year old British Car. I intend to keep the 250 at least until its 50th birthday in 2018 at which point I will be 64 years old myself although I will probably keep it beyond that time health permitting.

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