• Model:TR5 / TR250
  • Year:1968
  • Purchase Date:1990-01-10
  • Reg:
  • Comm No:
  • VIN:
  • Engine No:
  • Paint Name:Red
  • Mileage:82000
  • Location: US

The car has gone thru a ten year long restoration that included new floors, inner and outer rockers, and new trunk pan. The chassis was well preserved thanks to a regular supply of oily mist. A bare metal respray of it’s original color and let’s not forget the unmistakable bonnet stripes. The interior needed attention as well with a new dashboard, Moto Lita wooden rim steering wheel, new wool carpets, and completely refurbished seats. The surrey top assembly is a factory aluminum unit including the metal center section. In my opinion a British sport car is not complete without wire wheels. They are 72 spokes chrome shod with 205-70-15 Pirelli’s. The rear drums are now finned aluminum easily adapted from a Datsun 280. Under the bonnet lurks an Eaton supercharger M62 3rd generation fed by a huge SU HD8 and a stainless steel header. I fabricated all the parts I needed to do the installation and tried them on my spare motor for fit. My skills as a machinist allowed me to accomplish that endeavor, and I have since produced and sold many Kits that enable other TR owners to do the same on their TR6’s and TR250’s although a 6’s cylinder head is better suited for that modification due to it’s lower CR. Now if I can ever get those Lucas Foglamps on I should be done…Yeah right.

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Factory aluminum surrey top assembly


Lucas foglamps




TR250 exterior photos


Special Interest Projects

1960 Fiat 500

After completing most of what I wanted to do with my TR250, I decided to look for another project, one that would be the different from the TR. I inevitably went back to my roots and chose the Fiat 500. What I had found was almost perfect, an iconic vehicle, a true one with suicide doors, rolltop roof, rear mounted motor with 2 tiny air cooled cylinders displacing a mere 479cc, developping around 20 HP's, with a non synchro gearbox. This marvellous little package weighing around 1,100 lbs could move you down the road at a maximum speed of 60 mph on a good day without wind while at the time covering up to 50 miles for every gallon of very precious gasoline. That explains the 5 gallon fuel tank! Perfect isn't it? Totally opposite from my supercharged TR250 sportscar. I don't know if age is a factor, but it's not about speed anymore, any rice rocket can do that. It's all about purring along on a little country road, taking the time to smell nature on an early spring morning. What an ideallic setting! Now back to reality if you please. She will need a total restoration, rebuild the "powerplant", redo the interior, put back those nice plain wheels with shiny hubcaps and paint it in very pretty pastel color reminiscent of the early 60's. But I can't wait another 10 years for it. This time I guess I'll have to pay a few people to do the work. We'll see how it goes. can't wait.


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