Triumph Herald 13/60 Convertible

  • Model:Herald / Vitesse
  • Year:1968
  • Purchase Date:21/9/17
  • Reg:MDB 761F
  • Comm No:
  • VIN:GE?? 20321V
  • Engine No:GK3396HE
  • Paint Name:dark geen
  • Mileage:86K
  • Location: GB

I bought her 21/9/17, but have not seen much of her!

I thought I’d let my local garage give her a once over and there is a catalogue of faults: Alternator, Trunnions, U/Js, Door sagging due to excessive filler replacing steel, Brake caliper.

However, I did not pay too much for her and expect to have a nice car at the end of it.

I intend to do my own maintenance and servicing when I get her back.

  1. Glen 3 years ago

    Hi Richard, Do you plan to keep it standard or do any upgrades/enhancements?
    Feel free to add photo galleries or create blog posts as you go. Thanks for joining the site.

  2. Author
    Richard 3 years ago

    Probably keep her original, the roads are not fast in West Wales, so there would not be an advantage in a bigger engine.
    When I get her back I may change the mirrors to bullets if I cannot stop them from moving.

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