Triumph TR4

  • Model:TR4
  • Year:1963
  • Purchase Date:1998-07-05
  • Reg:ADC 815 A
  • Comm No:14233CT
  • VIN:CT13592L
  • Engine No:CT65351E
  • Paint Name:Wedgwood Blue
  • Mileage:31619
  • Location: GB

Originally LHD, was imported from California in November 1991 and sold to Jim Scott of Bedale, North Yorkshire. It was subjected to a full body off chassis restoration and I bought it in 1998.

I’ve fitted a new fuel pump, stainless steel sports exhaust, a new starter motor, a Motolita steering wheel and some mahogany door cappings and dashboard, but otherwise apart from general maintainance it has required very little work – I’ve just enjoyed it!

I know very little of it’s history in the States, other than the last recorded owner was Robert Alfred Kramer, 4890 Pacific Street, Rocklin CA95677. It had the license number NAT767.

If anyone knows anymore of the history, I’d be delighted to hear fom you.

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